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Mr. Stancarone was cured of a crippling case of childhood asthma through breathing, relaxation, yoga, martial arts, meditation and massage exercises and techniques he learned at 11 years old. These methods not only eliminated his medical condition but instantly transformed him from a frail, sickly child into a champion baseball, cross country and track athlete. He still holds the 880 yard run record at Carey High School (1:54.8) where he also won MVP and Captian honors. After attending Adelphi University on a full tuition track scholarship he studied further with martial arts and yoga masters and with doctors and psychologists who specialized in strsss management. His programs have been used successfully by thousands of athletes, coaches and corporate employees to enhance performance and improve health and well being over the past 20 years. He has a M.A. in Execise Physiology, is a former AT&T Health & Fitness Director, NY College of Podiatry Sports Medicine Clinician and US Gov't Stress Management Consultant. He has conducted workshops for the Olympic Committee and the NY Islanders. Most recently he has produced and hosted his own TV series called "The Wellness Workout", aired on PBS.

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